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Improving Frozen Food Standards Through Targeted Investment

Frozen food hygiene is essential, right?

At Westco we match our talk with our walk having invested heavily recently in fully climate-controlled loading bays to ensure your meats and foods remain frozen until delivered to you!

Quality Assurance From Order Picking To Your Door

At Westco Foods our freezers and food chillers are monitored for temperature 24/7 as part of our strong focus on food safety and hygiene which has made us a trusted supplier to well-recognised restaurants throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

From our walk-in freezers to the temperature-controlled delivery vehicles, the importance of the supply chain is paramount for us. The refurbished loading bays bring efficiency by allowing food orders to be organised ahead of collection or delivery without thawing out.

We have included some images here of the step-by-step journey as we refurbished the building.

Westco Gives You Quality Foods – Guaranteed

Our range of frozen foods is sourced with a focus on quality and consistency so that customers can count on receiving high-quality products on time. When your customers are happy then everyone is happy!

We regularly gather feedback and react to the emerging trends and needs in food service for hotels, restaurants, fast-food eating houses, and supermarkets.

Here are some images of the transformation!