Beef Burger



Conveniently packaged for quick cooking, Westco Foods Beef Burgers are made with the restaurant user in mind.

– Westco Foods’ beef patties are imported from the United States.
– Our wholesale beef patties are available in two case sizes: either 16/2lb or 8/5lbs.
– These patties come in the Grill Master brand.
– Choose the size of Westco’s beef burgers: 128/4oz or 160/4oz.

These wholesale beef burgers are ready whenever you are to work your culinary magic. From the traditional hamburger to the exotic Indian stew with curry paste, these beef burgers are sure to please!
Amazing quality and taste, Westco Foods’ beef burgers are popular with clients and consumers. Try these diced and stewed, spicy or mild or prepared with ethnic ingredients for those special theme nights. Pair these delectable wholesale beef burgers with french fries, rice or couscous. These beef burgers contain 35% protein and 20% iron. It also includes your needed vitamins and minerals for any balanced meal. These nutrients are needed for you to carry out your daily activities. Here at Westco Foods, we strive every day to serve you better. Our number one priority is YOU! With infinite possibilities for preparation and serving, try Westco Foods’ beef burgers by contacting us today!

– Free shipping on all orders!
– Get your meat cut to order today!
– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

Additional information

Average Case Weight

16/2LBS, 8/5LBS


128/4oz, 160/4oz




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