Beef Shortloin

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Westco Foods Wholesale Beef Shortloin is a must-have for any restaurant.

– Imported from New Zealand, they come in convenient cases of 36-45lbs.
– Adhering to our own rigorous high-quality food product standards, they meet all Food Safety and Health requirements.

Beef Shortloin is top-notch tender with superb flavour and juiciness. The secret to the tenderness and juiciness is in the cut. Taken from the animals’ muscles that don’t get much exercise, it never gets tight or tough. The limit to preparation is your chef’s imagination and it is ripe for all varieties of delicious steak, in short it goes with just about any food pairing. Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie, healthy option and choose to prepare a steak tenderloin with a salad or you want to fry up your t-bone steak in peanut oil and pair with french fries, this cut is the solution you’re seeking!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

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Whole Case, Cut (30 Lbs per case)


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