Western Steaks- Beef Striploin

This beef striploin steak is available in Trinidad as 6oz and 8oz steaks. They are cut from the boneless striploin and make a well-marbled steak that comes from the short loin section, near the tenderloin, a muscle that is less used than some and hence more tender.

Beef strip steaks are both lean and flavoursome – making them one of the most popular steak options and perfect for grilling. Since they are well-marbled, the steaks are more juicy and moist than other loin cuts.


  • Delivered free and frozen, this product comes in cases with 25 steaks.
  • Each steak weighs 8oz or 6oz.

This cut of steak contains 50% protein and 30% zinc whilst containing a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to complete your balanced diet.

So easy, so quick and so good, it is always ready for you when you need it. We strive every day to make your experience with us a great one. Contact us for all your beef needs and order today!

  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
  • Get your steaks cut to order today.

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Average Case Weight

25x8oz, 25x6oz


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