Beef Tail (Oxtail)

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Westco Foods Wholesale Beef Tail (Oxtail) is the perfect comfort food for a late night out.

– Westco Foods’ Beef Tail (Oxtail) are imported from Ireland.
– Our wholesale Beef Tail (Oxtail) come in easy-to-handle cases of 50lbs.
– These Beef Tail (Oxtail) are the tail of the cow.

Beef Tail (Oxtail) is a versatile food choice and a sure favourite on the restaurant menu. There’s nothing better on a chilly night or after a long, hard day at work than a delectable stew made with carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, corn, and the choicest seasonings. Beef Tail (Oxtail) from wholesale grocery supplier Westco Foods can be marinated or prepared right out of the freezer. Best if allowed to simmer all day, Beef Tail (Oxtail) can be braised or used as stock. Stew with butter bean or as a main dish and serve with rich and Westco Foods’ Beef Tail (Oxtail) is sure to become a favourite at your restaurant.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

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