U.S. Bone-in Spiral Sliced Hams


Wholesale Bone-in Spiral Sliced Hams imported from the USA by Westco Foods in Trinidad. Ready-sliced ham has eliminated the struggle of cutting hams that are cooked with the bone in.

– Imported from the United States, our Spiral Sliced Hams come in cases of 4-5×6-8lbs.
– Each case includes 4-5 hams.

The natural habitat of spiral-sliced ham is the buffet table, whether for holidays like Easter or other life events like graduations and funerals, this pre-cut meat slides effortlessly onto a plate. It is made for your convenience. Did you know that spiralling a ham was founded in 1957? Harry J. Hoenselaar invented the world’s first spiral ham slicer. Since then spiral hams have become the most popular choice of ham. It helps you not to worry about the meat part of the meal, knowing you can serve up perfectly sliced ham the moment it’s cooked. Slow-cook the ham, so that the outer part does not dry out before the middle is warm.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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