Boneless Chicken Legs


Wholesale Boneless Chicken Legs by Westco Foods in Trinidad has the bone cut out for your convenience.

– Boneless Chicken Legs from Westco Foods are delivered to you frozen and free.
– Our Boneless Chicken Legs come in cases of 4x10lbs.
– The Brand of our Boneless Chicken Legs is Case Farms, where they vowed, “Fresh & High Quality Chicken is Our Promise to You”.

Boneless Chicken Legs by Westco Foods has made eating and cooking easier for you. You no longer need to worry about cutting or eating around the bone, now you can just cut or chomp right through the meat. It has also given you another cooking choice, ever tried Stuffed Boneless Chicken Legs. Doesn’t it sound so good? A special dish that you can’t afford missing out on. Try this recipe: Or you can be adventurous and stuff it with sausage and rice. Adds fantastic new flavours to your “regular” chicken. Now you have a new meal to add to your menu. Westco Foods’ mission is to be the best restaurant food supplier in Trinidad. We welcome customers’ ideas and feedback on how we’re doing and ways to improve. We’re open to suggestions for new menu items to carry for your convenience. And our customer service is the best on the island! Contact Westco Foods for all Chicken needs, and order our Boneless Chicken Legs today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
– Online ordering available!
– Westco Foods is your one-stop-shop for food distribution.

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