Boneless Lamb Leg


Wholesale Boneless Lamb Leg by Westco Foods in Trinidad is meat cut that can be easily carved.

– Westco Foods’ Boneless Lamb Legs are available for 24-hour delivery.
– These Boneless Lamb Legs are an average of 44lbs.
– Westco Foods delivers their meat frozen.

Boneless Lamb Leg by Westco Foods are imported from New Zealand. In New Zealand, their lambs are grass fed. Grass fed lambs are known to being less fatty, more flavourful and very tender. Did you know that in New Zealand there are more sheep than people? Boneless Lamb Leg is commonly slow roasted. This helps bring out all the flavours and makes it mouth melting tender. This kind of lamb cut is very juicy. Want to spend the day at the beach but worry about what’s for dinner? This Boneless Lamb Leg can be slow cooking while your having fun! When you get home your dinner will be ready to put on the table. Westco Foods’ strives to offer the best customer service in Trinidad. We offer the most selection and the freshest offerings — all to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Contact Westco Foods for all lamb needs, and order our Boneless Lamb Leg today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
– Online ordering available!
– Top Rated Local® wholesale food distributor in Trinidad.

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