Boneless Lamb Shoulder

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Wholesale Boneless Lamb Shoulder by Westco foods in Trinidad is imported from New Zealand.

– Westco Foods’ Boneless Lamb Shoulder is available for 24-hour delivery.
– These Boneless Lamb Shoulders come in cases of 40-45lbs.
– Westco Foods offers customized meat cuts.

Boneless Lamb Shoulder by Westco Foods are scrumptious when slow cooked, allowing the meat to slowly tenderize, bringing out all the delicious flavours. Boneless Lamb Shoulders are traditionally rolled up after the bone, cartilage and fat are removed. This gives you a wide choice of how to cook this cut. From cutting it in cubes for stews to stuffing it and re-rolling it for roasting. Lamb is known to be a more healthier and leaner meat than beef. It has a great amount of protein which is a necessity for any balanced meal. Be unique and try your own new Lamb Shoulder dish. Everyone is always interested in something new and different! Following the highest safety standards in the industry, Westco Foods exceeds customers’ expectations with all of our wholesale products. As a Trinidad’s best food distribution company, Westco Foods will have your Boneless Lamb Shoulder ready when you need it. Contact Westco Foods for all lamb needs, and order our Boneless Lamb Shoulder today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
– Online ordering available!
– The only wholesale distributor of the Marquise brand in Trinidad.

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