Boneless Pork Cushion

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Wholesale Boneless Pork Cushion by Westco Foods in Trinidad is best used for soft, tasty, pulled pork.

– Westco Foods’ Boneless Pork Cushion is imported from the United States.
– Our Boneless Pork Cushion comes in cases of 60lbs.
– This is a boneless piece cut from the large muscle of the Picnic Shoulder.

Boneless Pork Cushion by Westco Foods is a very tasty part of the pig. Guess what, it’s not only delicious but it also contains a superb amount of your needed nutrients, such as: protein, vitamins and minerals. What’s better than to enjoy eating healthy. It is also a very lean cut of the pig. Boneless Pork Cushion can be cooked like any other pork roast. Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic with pulled pork sandwiches? Boneless pork cushion is the best choice for pulled pork. It is best cooked wet and slow. Cooking it slow gives all the flavours more time to seep in, creating an extra delicious dish. Why not try it today?!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24hrs of order!

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