Cheddar Cheese

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Offer premium Irish or New Zealand Cheddar Cheese in your restaurants with items like Potatoes au Gratin or merely a complimentary item such as a topping lightly sprinkled on a salad, or for a cheese and wine party.

We make cheddar cheese so convenient to use. Coming in manageable, easy-to-store packaging, our cheddar cheese will delight the palate with versatile uses to spice up your restaurant menu.

We supply wholesale premium genuine cheddar cheese for use in your restaurant or hotel, with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

A product of Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand in packages of 20kg and in average case sizes of 44.09lbs. Almost nothing tastes better than melted cheddar cheese on top of a baked potato, a casserole, chilli, or soup on a chilly day.

The temperate climates of Ireland, North America and New Zealand are ideal for cheese-making – lush pasture grass for the cows to feed on and the cooler temperature for maturing the Cheddar.

Choose your country of origin and whether you want traditional cheddar or rennet-free vegetarian cheddar cheese.

Additional information

Country Of Origin

New Zealand, Ireland


Rennet Free, Regular



Average Case Weight

44.09 LBS


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