Cut Green Beans


Wholesale Cut Green Beans by Westco Foods can be a stunning side for any restaurant meal.

– Westco Foods’ Cut Green Beans are imported from Belgium.
– Cut Green Beans come in cases of  22lbs.
– These cases hold 10 of 1kg.

Cut Green Beans by Westco Foods are washed, cut and frozen; ready for the pot. It is also very healthy and perfect for your balanced diet or weight loss plan. When you include more plant-based foods in your diet—like green beans— you reduce your risk for heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Greens Beans are also very tasty in a variety of dishes. As the best wholesale frozen food supplier in Trinidad, Westco Foods is an innovative and progressive wholesale food distribution company, dedicated to industry-leading levels of customer service and committed to the highest standards of food safety at every phase of our operation. Our customers come first, and our deliveries of wholesale frozen food is always on time. Contact Westco Foods for all frozen vegetable needs and order our Cut Green Beans today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
– Online ordering available!
– The only wholesale distributor of the Marquise brand in Trinidad.

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