Minced Beef- HALAL



Wholesale Minced Beef by Westco Foods in Trinidad gives you a great variety of choices for your next meal.

– Westco Foods’ grounds their own minced meat and packages it for your convenience.
– Our Minced Beef comes in cases of 12/1lb or 3/5lb.
– Westco Foods carries Minced Beef ‘HALAL’.

Minced Beef by Westco Foods is readily available and affordable. It cooks fast and is delicious in so many dishes; lasagne, spagetti and meatballs, burgers and fires, chilli, shepherds pie, meatloaf, the list goes on. So many different ways to use one simple meat cut. I bet you have never tried this, Giant Chorizo and Egg Sausage Roll. When you see it, you have to try it. Click this link and get the recipe of a lifetime. Seriously unique and seriously delicious. Minced Beef will never run out of style. There is always something more you can add or try. This is one special meat cut that all freezers must have. As the best wholesale frozen food supplier in Trinidad, Westco Foods is an innovative and progressive wholesale food distribution company, dedicated to industry-leading levels of customer service and committed to the highest standards of food safety at every phase of our operation. Our customers come first, and our deliveries of wholesale frozen food is always on time. Contact Westco Foods’ for all beef needs and order our Minced Beef today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
– Online offering available!
– Get your meats cut to order today!

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3/5LB, 12/1LB, HALAL 3/5LB, HALAL 12/1LB


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