U.S. Smoked Leg Ham

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Wholesale U.S. Smoked Leg Ham by Westco Foods in Trinidad is a perfect centrepiece for any holiday meal.

– Westco Foods’ U.S. Smoked Leg Ham is imported from the United States.
– Our U.S. Smoked Leg Ham comes in cases ranging from 15-23lbs.
– Each case holds 3 or 4 hams.

U.S. Smoked Leg Ham by Westco Foods is already brined and smoked. You will need to add little to no seasoning to this ham to make it delicious. It is so easy to cook, plop it into the plan and into the oven. Slow cooking is effective, so you can leave it cooking while you are enjoying a day at the beach and when you return home, your ham would be table ready! It is perfect for any family get together or holiday meal. You can purchase a big one for a crowd or a smaller one for just a week meal. Leftovers? Worry not, Smoked Ham is just as good cold in a sandwich. Fieldstone has made preparing a meal easy for you. Westco Foods offers the best quality meats. As well as, many delicious sides to go with your ham, such as a variety of frozen vegetables potato products. Contact Westco Foods to order your U.S. Smoked Leg Ham today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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3x23LBS, 4×15-18LBS, 4×16-19LBS, 4×19-23LBS


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