• Improving Frozen Food Standards Through Targeted Investment
    At Westco we match our talk with our walk having invested heavily recently in fully climate-controlled loading bays to ensure your meats and foods remain frozen until delivered to you!
  • Limited Time – Curb-Side Pick-Up For Food Orders
    Want to Place Your Order and Pick-Up With Limited Personal Contact? In the current health crisis, we are offering, for a limited time, customers the opportunity to order and collect their orders curbside. Keep reading to see how to order for a curbside collection. Step 1: Call ahead (235-5020 ext. 245 or mobile 280-9267 ) […]
  • Why Do Prices and Stock Availability of Frozen Foods Vary So Much?
    What is the Real Reason Food Prices and Stocks Vary? A question like this is on the lips of many Westco clients as hospitality comes back to life and the country begins to shake off the paralysing effects of a pandemic that has gripped the globe for the past 2 years. Here we outline some […]
  • Announcement! Change Is In The Air! – To Better Serve You!
    Your Cut Meats Simplified. 30 lbs per Case. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers at Westco Foods. In the words of the late Winston Churchill – ‘To Improve, Is To Change.’ As part of our journey of continuous improvement, we are introducing new and improved systems and streamlining our processes. […]
  • 3 Ways to Make the Best French Fries Ever!
    3 Ways to Make the Best French Fries Ever! Are you craving those restaurant-style French Fries at home or just want to make some incredible fries for the family? We have some helpful tips and 3 different ways to cook french fries that are irresistible and will make you want more! We all know that […]
  • KFC Fried Chicken – Easy & Proven 4 Step Recipe for KFC Style Fried Chicken!
    Looking for an easy, proven fried chicken recipe? No need to look any further. It works every time! Flavourful, juicy, tender and don’t forget that satisfying crunch. At the dinner table, one of the personnel comments, ”WOW, you can give KFC competition!” So yes guys, its really that good! And yes, you can make this […]
  • Trinidad and Tobago Wholesale Food Suppliers – Why are They Important and What Can They Supply?
    What are the Statistics for Wholesale Food Suppliers in Trinidad and Tobago? Wholesale Food Suppliers are a major essential industry in Trinidad and Tobago’s twin-island republic. Being an island and an undiversified economy, Oxford Business Group states that ‘T&T is a net food importer, meeting as much as 85% of its needs from imports’. This […]