U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham

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Wholesale U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham by Westco Foods in Trinidad is pre-cooked and smoked, which greatly lessens cooking and prep time.

– Westco Foods’ U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham is imported from the United States.
– Our U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham comes in cases of 7×8-13lbs.
– Each case includes 7 hams.

U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham by Westco Foods is taken from the upper part of the foreleg and includes a portion of the shoulder. This a perfect choice for any holiday meal and is an easy and delicious roast. Don’t worry about leftovers, they can easily be made into a casserole, sandwich or salad. The bones are super useful too, they can flavour many soups, beans or lentils. How can one cut of meat have so many uses? Wait, we are not done yet, guess what, the cooking takes half the time than a fresh piece of pork since it is pre-cooked and smoked. If you don’t know how to season it, fret not, it taste great as is! Or you can just drizzle on a simple mustard glaze and trust me, your guests will be asking for more. Westco foods have your U.S. Smoked Picnic Hams ready for you when you need it. We offer free delivery to your doorstep. Contact Westco Foods for all pork needs and order our U.S. Smoked Picnic Ham today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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