Pork Spareribs


As the best restaurant food supplier in Trinidad, Westco Foods’ wholesale Pork Spareribs serve as a versatile menu item for your very important meals of the day.

Imported from the United States, these come vacuum-packed in cases with an average weight of 30 LBS.

Our most popular type of ribs. They are cut from the bottom section of the ribs and breastbone of the pig. Since rib meat is known to be pretty tough, it is best to slow-cook them, either in the oven or on the grill. Rubbing your special marinade a day in advance gives the flavours time to seep in.  When done cooked and cut, they will be finger-licking good.  Spareribs tend to be the most flavourful out of the types of ribs. Who doesn’t like munching that soft, barbequed meat off the bone?  So easy to cook and taste so good. How about a sparerib feast this coming Friday?

Guaranteed delivery within 24hrs of order!

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Average Case Weight

30 LBS