Beef Knuckle

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Wholesale beef knuckle meat from Westco Foods is a delight to prepare and serve as a main course, or side for your next family get-together.

Sourced from prime beef-producing countries such as America, Australia or Ireland, our beef knuckle cuts are available in wholesale cases of 50lbs and, as all our meat, comply with all culinary local health and safety requirements. Arriving frozen, they are ready to cook with your signature rubs, sauces and marinades. Best cooked slow and moist to render down the connective tissue, or trim this out for dry heat cooking.

Great tasting with any sauce and preparation method, why not experiment today! Known by several names including beef ball tip roast, sirloin tip roast, French tip roast, and French roll roast, our beef knuckle is a versatile cut of meat from the round primal cut or rear hip of the animal.  Beef knuckle is a very lean and healthy joint which can be served as many different dishes; ground beef, whole oven roasting joints, casserole stews, and beef bourguignon. Slice thinly for minute steaks, sandwich steaks, and Philly cheesesteaks and into strips for stir-frying and kebabs

Each round of beef knuckle weighs 12 to 16 pounds, which is enough to be cut into multiple servings or separate joints.

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