Steak Cut Fries

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Offered by Westco Foods in Trinidad, Steak Cut Fries are one of the best comfort foods.

– Westco Foods’ Steak Cut Fries comes in the Marquise Brand.
– These Steak Cut Fries come frozen and ready to serve once cooked.
– Wholesale Steak Cut Fries are conveniently packaged in 4 bags of 2.5 kgs.

Nothing complements a top-quality steak than Steak Cut Fries. Westco Foods’ offers wholesale frozen fries for all of your restaurant menu needs. Easy to season and flavour for dozens of menu needs, try rosemary-lemon seasoning, which uses Dijon mustard for a bit of a spice kick, or a more classic flavouring such as garlic and parsley. Wholesale frozen french fries were made for dipping and these Steak Cut Fries go great with ketchup, ranch dressing, or blue cheese. A healthy menu alternative is to bake these wholesale french fries in the oven rather than fry them. Pair with fish for traditional fish and chips or use as a favourite side dish for sandwiches, such as turkey ham sandwich. Westco Foods’ Steak Cut Fries are great-tasting and a hit with the whole family.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

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