Swiss Tomato Ketchup


Swiss brand tomato ketchup in wholesale catering-sized pouches supplied by Westco Foods in Trinidad. Tomato Ketchup is an essential restaurant item that you cannot afford to run out of.

– Comes in cases of 8 x 2-litre packs.
– Perfect for use in your restaurant kitchen.
– Use to create delightful culinary creations of love.

A favourite among restaurant patrons. Whether you’re having a burger and fries or you are creating a ketchup-based glaze for your chicken, Swiss Tomato Ketchup goes on smooth and tastes great.

Create regional menu items such as Southern-style coleslaw or traditional favourites such as shrimp cocktail sauce. This ketchup is also a great addition to any meatball or stir-fry recipe . On ordering, you can expect prompt delivery, impeccable service, and immediate solutions to any of your problems.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

Each case of Ketchup consists of 8 pack of 2 litres.

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