Chicken Rings – Breaded


Offered by Westco Foods in Trinidad, Chicken Rings Breaded is a favorite finger-food menu item.

– Westco Foods’ Chicken Rings Breaded come in Family Favorites brand.
– These Chicken Rings Breaded come frozen and ready to serve once cooked.
– Wholesale Chicken Rings Breaded come in average case sizes of 12 packages, containing approximately 28oz.

Westco Foods’ Chicken Rings Breaded can be either baked or fried. Chicken Rings Breaded are a great compliment to a variety of meals from fried fish, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and steaks. Serve as a stand-alone menu items as well for a unique appetizer stacked in a ring. Add a variety of sauces, such as BBQ sauce, ketchup, ranch dressing, or more exotic ones such as vinaigrettes. Add flavors and toppings as well to Westco Foods’ Chicken Rings Breaded such as crusted parmesan cheese or shallots for flavor. For a great dinner idea, fry shrimp and onion rings and pair with cocktail sauce. Add a salad and rolls for a complete meal. Finally, Westco Foods suggests serving Chicken Rings Breaded with noodles and onions for a combination your restaurant customers won’t forget! Westco Foods’ mission is to be the best restaurant food supplier in Trinidad. We welcome customers’ ideas and feedback on how we’re doing and ways to improve. We’re open to suggestions for new menu items to carry for your convenience. And our customer service is the best on the island! Contact us for all of your restaurant food needs and order our Chicken Rings Breaded today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!
– Online ordering available!
– The only supplier of the Marquise brand in Trinidad.

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