Foam Trays

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Wholesale Foam Trays by Westco Foods in Trinidad can be used for items that are prepacked in grocery or convenience stores.

– They come in two sizes: 2S: 5.75″x8.25″x0.5″ | 4S: 7.25″x9.5″x0.5″
– In cases of 500 consisting of 2 bags of 250 per case.

Perfect for pre-packaging bulk items into smaller, easier to handle sizes, this can help boost your sales and get rid of inventory quicker. It is ideal when customizing orders and using it for meat cuts for example. Foam trays are also a sanitary form of food packaging because they are disposable and can be easily reduced. Foam is processed at extremely high temperatures that kills off any bacteria. They are shatter-resistant and stack easily and neatly.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order

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4S Foam Tray, 2S Foam Tray


5.75"x8.25"x.5", 7.25"x9.5"x0.5"


1/500PCS (bag), 2/250PCS (bag)


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