Lamb Rack Regular

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Wholesale Lamb Racks by Westco Foods in Trinidad are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

– Westco Foods’ Lamb Racks are available for 24-hour delivery.
– These Lamb Racks come in cases of 40-50lbs.
– Westco Foods delivers Lamb Racks frozen.

Lamb Racks by Westco Foods is a brilliant centrepiece dish because it’s impressive and surprisingly easy to make. They are also so easy to eat! Grab, go and it’s gone. Lamb Racks are so tempting that you have to go back for a second one. Before you know it your platter is empty. And I bet at least one person will ask if there any more! If you don’t like leftovers, this is the perfect dish. Lamb Racks are a hit for any celebration or family occasion. The meat is soft, juicy and flavourful. Just a simple dry rub and you are good to go. It’s great grilled or broiled. Grill it as your visitors arrive and fill the air with that tempting smell!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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