Sweet Corn


Wholesale Sweet Corn by Westco Foods in Trinidad is cut off the cob ready.

– Our product is imported from Belgium and is delivered frozen.
– It comes in cases of 20lbs and each case contains 10 x 1kg bags.

This item is packaged by the best brand, Flanders Best and comes cleaned, cut off the cob and frozen; ready for the pot. It is much faster than preparing fresh corn and tastes just as good. This bright yellow vegetable adds vibrant colour, making any dish look great. Frozen corn is proven to beat canned any day and our frozen product doesn’t go bad. Not using the whole bag? Fine, pop it back into the freezer and it will be good as new ready for your next meal. There are actually fewer calories in frozen corn than canned. This may sound weird, but boiling corn takes out some of its great flavours, instead try stir-frying or sautéing it. Add a little bit of sugar and trust me, your corn will never taste so good – crisp, bright and beautiful!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours or order.

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