Swiss BBQ Sauce


Swiss Barbeque Sauce by Westco Foods in Trinidad is an essential condiment for your restaurant that you cannot afford to run out of.

– Comes in cases of 8 x 2-litre packs.
– Perfect for use in your restaurant kitchen.
– Use to expand your restaurant menu.

The best most versatile topping and ingredient for your culinary kitchen, this goes great on everything! Fries, burgers, chicken, steak and even rice. Your food sometimes tends to be dry or plain, just add this sauce and mmmm, great flavour, easy supplement! Ever tried sautéing onions with swiss barbeque sauce? Cut up an onion or two, add about a cup of the sauce, some butter and cover it for a few minutes. When done, take a spoon full and lay it onto your steak. Oh la la, it has now changed your steak to a 5 star!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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