U.S. Halves Picnic Ham

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Wholesale U.S. Halves Picnic Ham by Westco Foods in Trinidad is made so easy and delicious for your convenience.

– Westco Foods’ U.S. Halves Picnic Ham is imported for the United States.
– Our U.S. Halves Picnic Ham comes in cases of 12x6lbs.
– Each case includes 12 hams.

U.S. Halves Picnic Ham by Westco Foods is simply a half of a whole ham. This ham is easier to handle, cooks quicker and more even. U.S. Halves Picnic Ham can be used at any time of the year as a family week meal or get together. Since your not having a big crowd, this ham is a perfect choice. Cooking tip: when roasting this ham, since it is cut, make sure and cook it cut down in order to save as much juice as possible. No one likes dried out ham! If cooked with the cut side exposed, the meat would dry out and lose more of its moisture. Since the pure meaty part of the ham is sitting in the water/glaze, it would soak in all the flavours and moist giving you a more delicious bite. Contact Westco Foods to order your U.S. Halves Picnic Ham today!

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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