Beef Trimmings

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Westco Foods’ Wholesale Beef Trimmings put the yummy in the leftovers.

– Westco Foods’ Beef Trimmings is imported from Uruguay.
– Beef Trimmings packaging weighs 60lbs.
– Beef Trimmings are pieces of meat remaining after steaks, roasts, and other cuts are removed.

Beef Trimmings is a customer favourite and has so many preparation methods that you’re sure to create amazing menus. Often used to make ground beef, Beef Trimmings make an amazing stew flavoured with pepper, paprika, curry powder, and parsley. Pair with rice, vegetables, and an unlimited number of toppings from mushrooms to onions to shredded cheese. Top Rated Local® Restaurant wholesale supplier Westco Foods recommends de-thawing before preparing. Beef Trimmings make great stir-fry meat or roast beef. Use Beef Trimmings in special ethnic dishes such as Japan’s Sukiyaki, a traditional dish where the Beef Trimmings are cooked by dipping them in hot liquid. Pair with noodles, and you’ll soon have a restaurant favourite.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

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