Beef Tripe

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Westco Foods’ Wholesale Beef Tripe is one of the most versatile meats.

– Westco Foods’ Beef Tripe is imported from the USA and New Zealand.
– Beef Tripe comes pre-packaged in 60 lb increments.
– Beef Tripe is made from the muscle wall (the interior lining is removed) of the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach.
– Beef Tripe is a customer favourite when paired with beans. Add spices and this menu item will become much sought-after.

Beef Tripe is perfect to use as stew meat. Warm your insides with a favourite recipe that pairs beef tripe with split peas, pumpkin, plantains, okra, and dumplings to create a delicious and wholesome soup. Popular around the world Westco Foods’ wholesale beef tripe is amazingly versatile and can be incorporated into a huge variety of dishes. Besides soups, stir-fries, traditional pasta, and deep-fried beef tripe are amazing to the palate. Restaurant wholesale supplier Westco Foods packages Beef Tripe in convenient packages. Beef Tripe is packed with protein. Pair with lima beans, rice, or pasta cooked in a healthy oil is the perfect macronutrient combination.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order!

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