Beef Clod

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Best quality Beef Clod delivered frozen to your store, house, or restaurant. This beef chuck cut is perfect for all preparation methods and a great centre for any meal plan.

Thin-sliced fajita meat, cubed stew meat to produce cubed steaks or Swiss steaks, or roast the whole beef clod cut for slow-roasted goodness. Just perfect for “something different”. Beef Clod is a traditional cut, taken from the shoulder of the cow, and is insanely scrumptious!

Chock full of rich, beefy flavours, these arrive in thick cuts which include the top blade, shoulder centre, and shoulder tender of the cow’s shoulder. The versatility of this cut will lend well to customizing your customer’s experience.

Our premium beef clod is sourced from New Zealand, USA, Ireland or Uruguay, supplied frozen in wholesale cases, or individual cuts. Adhering to our high-quality food product standards, they meet all Food Safety and Health requirements.

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Whole Case, Cut (30 Lbs per case)


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