Western Steaks- Beef Shortloin


Wholesale Beef Short Loin Steaks by Westco Foods in Trinidad would be your customer’s number one choice on your restaurant menu.

– Delivered free and frozen, this product comes in cases of 25 steak pieces.

Each steak is 8oz, yielding many tasty, juicy and tender cuts. The short loin is the most popular and liked of all the beef cuts. The sub-primal is the front part of the loin primal cut, which runs from the 13th (and last) rib back to the top of the femur, or leg bone, where it joins the hip bone. They belong on the grill! They thrive on high-heat fast cooking but if cooked over 145F, the steak will get tough and dry. Be careful and watchful, as they cook really fast. Perfect for any last-minute meals. Don’t forget that we also offer meat cut to your order. Our number one priority is to satisfy your needs as our customers.

– Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.

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